Decisions taken by the Commissioner

All decisions made in 2022 by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire are available to view below. Previous years can be viewed in the archive. A signed version of all Decision Records is kept within the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Decisions 2022

Number Originator of Decision Summary of Decision Decision   Agreed View Further Details
01/2022INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Internet Circuits Virgin MediaJanuary 2022Decision Notice
02/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Provision of Consultancy Services for Microsoft 365 ImplementationJanuary 2022Decision Notice
03/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Offsite Document StorageJanuary 2022Decision Notice
04/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Budget and PreceptJanuary 2022Decision Notice
05/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Interim Office StructureJanuary 2022 Decision Notice
06/22POLICE AND CRIME COMMISSIONER and INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER DPP Acquisition of Horsefair House AlfretonJanuary 2022Decision Notice
07/22POLICE AND CRIME COMMISSIONER and INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Domestic Abuse Services Contract February 2022Decision Notice
08/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Drug Solution Equipment Support & MaintenanceFebruary 2022Decision Notice
09/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Support of WPC Software SystemFebruary 2022Decision Notice
10/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Vehicle ConversionsFebruary 2022Decision Notice
11/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Offender Management Tagging – Buddi TrackersFebruary 2022Decision Notice
12/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Asbestos Services and Analytical ServicesMarch 2022Decision Notice
13/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER The Provision of Planned Preventative maintenance of Automated gates, Barriers
and roller Shutters
March 2022Decision Notice
14/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Managed Training ServicesMarch 2022Decision Notice
15/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Mosaic Segmentation ToolMarch 2022Decision Notice
16/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Grounds Maintenance – gritting of Ascot DriveMarch 2022Decision Notice
17/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Drains Emergency Call out and CCTV ServicesMarch 2022Decision Notice
18/22POLICE AND CRIME COMMISSIONER and INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Lease of Comms Site Copt Oak Mast Markfield LeicestershireMarch 2022Decision Notice
19/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Renewal of car parking lease Cardinal SquareMarch 2022Decision Notice
20/22POLICE AND CRIME COMMISSIONER and INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Consent to Variation of LIBOR Transition Amendments to existing PFI agreementMarch 2022Decision Notice
21/22POLICE AND CRIME COMMISSIONER and INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Provision of Pension and Payroll Admin ServicesMarch 2022Decision Notice
22/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Internal Audit Call off ContractMarch 2022Decision Notice
23/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Provision of Planning Consultancy ServicesMarch 2022Decision Notice
24/22POLICE AND CRIME COMMISSIONER and INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Provision of Interactive Voice SolutionMarch 2022Decision Notice
25/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Centurion Licence and SupportMarch 2022Decision Notice
26/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Cash Courier ServiceMarch 2022Decision Notice
27/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Darley Motor Club LicenceMarch 2022Decision Notice
28/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Renewal of Cob Stop Kiosk LeaseMarch 2022Decision Notice
29/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Mapping SoftwareMarch 2022Decision Notice
30/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Voicemail IP Telephony Call off ContractMarch 2022Decision Notice
31/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Provision of the Egress Workspace and web form solutionMarch 2022Decision Notice
32/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Financial VettingMarch 2022Decision Notice
33/22POLICE AND CRIME COMMISSIONER and INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Medical Impact Evidence AssessmentMarch 2022Decision Notice
34/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Renewal of Licence to use one parking space at Ripley HospitalApril 2022Decision Notice
35/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Supply of DefibrillatorsMarch 2022Decision Notice
36/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Utility Vest and Equipment PouchesApril 2022Decision Notice
37/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Fire Risk AssessmentsApril 2022Decision Notice
39/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Provision of Selected Medical Practitioner (SMP)May 2022Decision Notice
40/22POLICE AND CRIME COMMISSIONER and INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICERProvision of Microsoft Licences and Microsoft Unified SupportMay 2022Decision Notice
41/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICERLicence for Use of GymnasiaMay 2022Decision Notice
42/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICERPayment of Federation Subs for SpecialsMay 2022Decision Notice
43/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICERLinkedIn May 2022Decision Notice
44/22INTERIM CHIEF OPERATING OFFICERSocial Media Management PlatformJune 2022Decision Notice
45/22CHIEF OPERATING OFFICERDEMsAugust 2022Decision Notice
46/22CHIEF OPERATING OFFICERE-Recruitment June 2022Decision Notice
47/22CHIEF OPERATING OFFICERConfidential Waste ShreddingJuly 2022Decision Notice
48/22CHIEF OPERATING OFFICERCitrix LicencesAugust 2022Decision Notice
49/22CHIEF OPERATING OFFICERBio-Mass Fuel PelletsJuly 2022Decision Notice
50/22CHIEF OPERATING OFFICERChesterfield Temp Training FacilityJuly 2022Decision Notice
51/22CHIEF OPERATING OFFICERFirearms Cleaning ServicesAugust 2022Decision Notice
52/22CHIEF OPERATING OFFICERVariation to Mast Alteration ContractAugust 2022Decision Notice
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