Freedom of Information Disclosure Log 2024

10 January 2024

All freedom of information declarations made in 2024 by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire’s office are available to view below. Previous years can be viewed in the archive.

Date of RequestFOI ReferenceDate of ResponseNumber of working days to respond Name of RequestResponse
03/01/2024FOI/01/202409/01/20245Request for information regarding any contracts for research, projects or services with EAP Research Consultancy Ltd.Response
12/01/2024FOI/03/202412/01/20241Request for information relating to overtime hours and pay.Response
11/01/2024FOI/02/202424/01/202410Request for information on Anti-Social Behaviour in DerbyshireResponse
01/02/2024FOI/06/202402/02/20242Request for information on the closure and reopening times of a road closure following a police incidentResponse
29/01/2024FOI/05/202420/02/202417Request for information on victim services commissioned by the OPCC exclusively for victims under the age of 18 Response

PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of legally required data and historic financial records, the majority of the information on the Derbyshire OPCC website covers information, news and events for the current Commissioner only. For access to news articles and information covering the previous Commissioners please contact the OPCC team.
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