Freedom of Information Disclosure Log 2022

All freedom of information declarations made in 2022 by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire’s office are available to view below. Previous years can be viewed in the archive.


Date of Request FOI Reference Date of Response Number of working days to respond Name of RequestResponse
26/01/2022FOI/1/202211/02/202212Any OPCC staff members related to PCC or Cllrs of Dronfield TC, NE Derbyshire District Council and DCCResponse
01/02/2022FOI/2/202203/02/20223Grant payments to specified organisationsResponse
04/02/2022FOI/4/202207/02/20221Seizure of Cannabis Statistics RequestResponse
08/02/2022FOI/5/202210/02/20222Seizure of Dangerous DogsResponse
03/02/2022FOI/3/202216/02/202216Full- time, Part-time and Temporary Employees Currently Recorded as being within the OPCC. Response
26/02/2022FOI/06/202228/02/20221Number of Police Officers and Special Officers recruited for each yearResponse
27/02/2022FOI/07/202201/03/20221Police Officer StrengthsResponse
22/03/2022FOI/08/202222/03/20221Legitimate Possession and the use of Prescribed Medical Cannabis Response
31/03/2022FOI/12/202201/04/20221Budget cycle inquiryResponse
01/02/2022FOI/13/202201/04/20221Road Victims Support Services Response
17/03/2022FOI/09/202214/04/202220Power-Point Presentation Request Response
21/03/2022FOI/10/202219/04/202220Items of Expenditure Response
31/03/2022FOI/11/202228/04/202219Breakdown of running costs for OPCC 2019, 2020, 2021Response

PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of legally required data and historic financial records, the majority of the information on the Derbyshire OPCC website covers information, news and events for the current Commissioner only. For access to news articles and information covering the previous Commissioners please contact the OPCC team.
Public InformationFreedom of Information Disclosure Log 2022
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