Fair Processing Notice

Who are we

We are the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire (OPCC). The OPCC is the Data Controller for the personal data it processes. This means that we have to look after all the personal data we process and make sure we do so proportionately, correctly and safely. We are listed on the Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”) register of data controllers with the registration number – Z3460951.


This privacy statement relates to the use of personal data in relation to events organised and arranged by the OPCC as well as registration, attendance at and participation in such events. It covers the processing of personal data in relation to those events. Such events may include conferences, dinners, talks, business seminars, corporate hospitality, etc. Any references to ‘we’ or ‘us’ are references to the OPCC.

This privacy notice sets out how your personal data will be processed and protected by the OPCC during the following meeting – ‘Question time for the Commissioner’ held on the 24th August 2020. This meeting is being undertaken with the aim to better inform policing and policing activities by consulting with the wider general public. The meeting will be held and recorded by using the Microsoft Teams system, with the intention of making the recording available to the wider public on the OPCC’s website at a later date.

During the Meeting

We actively encourage participants to ask questions to the Commissioner and there will be a chance to ask questions before the meeting using the pre-submitted questions function – (pre-submit a question by emailing –PCCOffice@Derbyshire.PNN.Police.UK ), or during the meeting using the Teams Chat Function or by verbally submitting a question to the Commissioner directly during the meeting. N.B. Please be aware that if you are verbally submitting a question to the Commissioner, then your voice and face, (if your camera is turned on) will be heard and seen by those attending the call and will be recorded by the OPCC with the intention of publishing the recorded meeting on the OPCC’s website, YouTube, Derbyshire Alert, Twitter and Facebook at a later date. In verbally asking your question you are acknowledging that you are happy for your personal data to be processed in this way. If you do not wish for your voice/face to be processed or recorded during the meeting but still want to be able to ask a question to the Commissioner, then you are still able to pre-submit a question online (see email details given above) or by using the Teams Chat Function during the meeting, both of which would mean that your voice/face isn’t being processed or recorded by the OPCC, but you are still able to ask your question and fully participate in the meeting. However, depending on the general personal data you submit with your question some personal data may still be processed by the OPCC (like name and area where you live, for example).

Types of Personal Data that may be processed

As part of your participation in the meeting, we’ll use your personal data for the reasons set out below. The personal data we use may be about you as an individual or in a business capacity and may include:

  • Full name, personal and business details including contact information (e.g. business/personal email addresses and business/personal mobile telephone numbers);
  • Participants at the event may be given the opportunity to indicate individual requirements, e.g. those relating to disability or reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010. This information will be processed only to ensure that these requirements are taken into account when organising the meeting and will not be used or stored beyond that single meeting;
  • Audio and video recording of speakers and participants, with a view to future publication on the OPCC’s website for the wider public to listen to.

With all personal data, we will ensure that we process your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 legislation.

Legal Basis for processing your personal data

Under the transparency provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) we can confirm that the lawful basis for processing your personal data for the above meeting will be under Article 6 of the GDPR – Public Task .The OPCC is exercising their official authority under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 to gather the views and feedback of the local community.

Individuals Rights under the GDPR

Individuals have rights under the GDPR. Please see the link below to the ICOs website detailing Individual Rights – Individual Rights.

Additional information regarding the recording and publication of the meeting

As detailed above, if you decide to ask a question to the Commissioner live during the meeting then your voice and potentially your image, (if your camera is switched on) will be heard and seen by the attendees of the meeting and will be recorded with the intention of being published on the OPCC’s website, YouTube, Derbyshire Alert, Twitter and Facebook at a later date. Therefore, we want all participants to be aware that by asking a question live during the meeting you consent to and are aware of how the OPCC are intending to process your personal data. Under the GDPR regulations individuals do have a right to withdraw any consent they have given regarding the processing of their personal data at any time however, if the recording of the meeting is already published on the OPCC’s website, YouTube, Derbyshire Alert, Twitter and Facebook and therefore already in the public domain, we will not be able to retrospectively delete your data from that recording, due to it already being in the public domain. However, we will look to publish the recorded meeting two working days after the meeting date (27th August 2020) therefore, if any individuals wish to have their recorded personal details (voice/face) removed from the recording we have allowed a timescale for this to happen and this should be done during that two days (25th and 26th August 2020) window, to enable the OPCC to edit the recording accordingly, before publication on to the OPCC’s website, YouTube, Derbyshire Alert, Twitter and Facebook. If you feel on reflection that this is something you wish to request then please contact the OPCC directly via email during that two day window for us to be able to process your request – OPCCOffice@Derbyshire.PNN.Police.UK or by calling 0300 122 6000.

Personally, recording the Meeting

It is instructed by the OPCC that you don’t record the meeting personally as the meeting will be available on the OPCC’s website at a later date for you to view therefore, there is no need to record the meeting yourself.

Third Party Processing

There will be no processing of your personal data by third parties.

Storage and Destruction of Personal Data

The recording of the meeting will be kept securely on the OPCC’s server, which is in the EU, with access only available to relevant OPCC staff and will include the appropriate security controls and restrictions applied to prevent unauthorised access. The initial recording of the meeting will be held on the OPCC’s internal systems/server in case of any problems with the uploaded website recording. The uploaded website recording will be available on the OPCC’s website for two months after the date of the meeting, this is to enable the wider public time to read and digest the information after which time it will be deleted from the OPCC website, YouTube, Derbyshire Alert, Twitter and Facebook by the OPCC, as will the initial recording on the OPCC’s internal systems/server.

Any health data or reasonable adjustments that have been disclosed to the OPCC by individuals to enable them to participate fully in the meeting will be destroyed once a reasonable adjustment have been made by the OPCC. However, if a reasonable adjustment has been declined by the OPCC, then the request, and the reasons for declining the request, will be held by the OPCC for 6 months, this is in line with the discrimination claims rights under the Equality Act 2010.

Further Information

OPCC’s Privacy Notice

Please see the OPCC’s Privacy Statement for more details on how personal data is processed by the OPCC and details on your Individual Rights – https://www.derbyshire-pcc.gov.uk/Transparency/Privacy-Statement.aspx

PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of legally required data and historic financial records, the majority of the information on the Derbyshire OPCC website covers information, news and events for the current Commissioner only. For access to news articles and information covering the previous Commissioners please contact the OPCC team.
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