LATEST NEWS: New 24/7 cameras to be installed to tackle speeding across Derbyshire

LATEST NEWS: New 24/7 cameras to be installed to tackle speeding across Derbyshire

Angelique Foster, Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner, is to fund two new re-deployable speed cameras to support the work of community road safety volunteers across the county.

The non-enforcement automatic cameras will be redeployed across Derbyshire and Derby City to boost the work of the county’s Community Speed Watch volunteers. They will be placed in areas that are already experiencing issues with speeding but are too dangerous to carry out Speed Watch activities due to lack of pavements or speed limits above 30mph.

Community Speed Watch schemes are run by teams of volunteers who work with Derbyshire’s Casualty Reduction Enforcement Support Team (CREST) to monitor and record the speed and registration of speeding vehicles in their communities. Motorists who flout the law are written to as part of an educational tactic to encourage them to slow down. If data proves a driver is consistently ignoring warnings, they will receive a visit from a roads policing officer.

The Commissioner has pledged to increase and improve Community Speed Watch under the Road Safety priority of her Police and Crime Plan as part of a wider plan to make our road safer for all users, reduce serious collisions and fatalities on the county’s road network.

The Commissioner will work closely with Derbyshire County Council to agree suitable locations for the new cameras.

Announcing the funding, Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster said: “Before I was elected, residents told me how concerned they were about speeding motorists through their towns and villages. This is why Road Safety is a key priority in my Police and Crime Plan and explains my ongoing investment in extra police enforcement and a stronger and more-equipped roads policing team.

“We know that when people drive dangerously and irresponsibly, there can be some serious consequences which put lives at risk. I am determined to do everything in my power to tackle speeding and other reckless driving habits to save lives.

“Any collision caused by speeding is preventable. These cameras are not designed for enforcement but they will reinforce the positive work that our Community Speed Watch volunteers are already doing, helping to educate and remind motorists of their responsibilities behind the wheel with the intention of encouraging behaviour change. They will be installed in locations where speeding is a concern but the number of Killed and Serious Injury (KSI) collisions are not at a level to warrant council intervention.

“Speeding remains a serious issue and every life lost is one too many. I will continue to work with our local partners to make our roads safer for all road users.”

The technology will provide 24/7 imaging coverage and will be able to clock vehicles across two lanes and in both directions.

Similar cameras have been installed in Hertfordshire in a similar scheme. Within eight months of the scheme, the number of vehicles recorded travelling over 50mph reduced from 22 to one per month.

The investment in Derbyshire is likely to benefit up to six communities every year. The cameras will also serve as a useful tool for data collection as they can record traffic volume and the speeds of all passing vehicles, to be shared with relevant agencies.


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