Violence Against Women and Girls Survey

15 November 2021

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A major new survey has been launched to identify what makes women and girls feel unsafe in Derbyshire, where their fear of crime is greatest and what would make them feel safer.

The online poll unveiled by Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster invites women, girls, parents and guardians to share their views, anonymously, about sexual violence and sexual harassment. 

The feedback will help the Commissioner to allocate resources to improve women’s safety and better understand what action is needed to reduce their vulnerability and protect their safety.

Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster said: “Crimes against women have a deep psychological impact, not just on victims but on our wider society, limiting freedom and equality and increasing the fear of harm.

“I want every woman and girl in Derbyshire to feel supported and understood. I want them to know that violence and street harassment is never acceptable and that I am determined to drive the necessary changes that will increase their safety and challenge the behaviour and attitudes behind these crimes.

“This survey will give women the chance to speak about factors that influence their decision-making and prevent them from enjoying their lives fully. By contributing, people will help me to prioritise resources appropriately to achieve a tangible difference for women and girls in the future.”

The survey presents a range of locations including the workplace, bus stop and taxi ranks and asks respondents to highlight the degree to which they feel safe or unsafe.

It also asks how safe people feel when alone at night, what makes them feel safer and whether they have ever been subjected to domestic abuse, assault, sexual offence, stalking, harassment, up-skirting or drink spiking.

As Police and Crime Commissioner, Angelique Foster has pledged to push for more to be done to protect women and girls from violence and street harassment.

Last month, she gave her full backing to North-East Derbyshire District Council for mandating CCTV in all taxis in the district to boost the safety of passengers and improve the detection of crime.

This was followed up with an approach to every local authority in Derbyshire to encourage full take-up of the approach for the extra reassurance it offers female passengers frequenting the night-time economy.


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