Police and Crime Commissioner’s budgets protects PCSOs role

14 March 2023

Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster’s budget for 2023-24 will sustain PCSO numbers in Derbyshire.  The Constabulary has now set out plans to recruit 50 new PCSOs over the next 12 months.

The Commissioner acknowledges the valuable contribution Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) make to neighbourhood policing teams and the trust and confidence they help to instil in policing.  This is in line with her plans to help provide strong local policing.

In setting her 2023/24 budget, the Commissioner committed to continue with the recruitment of PCSOs and provide the Chief Constable with vital resources to enhance neighbourhood policing, cut crime, keep people safe and deliver the strong and visible policing presence the public have asked for.

The Commissioner is supporting the force’s recruitment drive which will see an additional 50 PCSOs in 2023-24 as well as replace any posts that become vacant through retirement or leave.

Prior to a national police officer recruitment programme, the force had 180 (FTE) PCSO posts which has now increased to a total PCSO headcount of 200.

Many of Derbyshire’s former PCSOs have transitioned to become police officers, ensuring the county retains their skills and experience for the benefit of Derbyshire’s communities.

The force will deliver three more PCSO intakes this year with 22 new recruits already set to join in May and further openings in July and September. 

Commissioner Angelique Foster said: “PCSOs play a critical role in keeping our communities safe often bringing in valuable intelligence that can lead to the apprehension of criminals. They also play a major role in our partnership working programme with regards to anti-social behaviour and Road Safety for example, working with schools, local community groups and local councillors to find long term solutions to very local issues.

“I have promised to help deliver the strong local policing the public expects and have asked for and PCSOs play a crucial part in community policing. This is why my budget for 2023/24 will support the recruitment of further PCSOs across the county to boost the force’s capabilities in tackling Neighbourhood Crime in line with my Police and Crime Plan.  

“Within my first year as Police and Crime Commissioner, I supported the launch of a new Neighbourhood Policing Charter setting out the high standards of service the public should expect to receive from local police. PCSOs are key to meeting these expectations with their role in problem-solving, building relationships with residents and working closely with our local partners. I am keen to see that we keep building on this.’


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NewsPolice and Crime Commissioner’s budgets protects PCSOs role
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