Police and Crime Commissioner Welcomes NFU Report on Rural Crime

5 August 2021

Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster has welcomed the latest report from the NFU looking at rural crime, saying it raised awareness of the problems faced by rural communities.

Commissioner Angelique Foster said: “The report echoes what people across the county have been telling me.  Rural crime remains a problem.  Crimes are committed by both organised gangs and opportunistic offenders.  The cost, stress and impact on quality of life for those affected can be huge.

“Just a few days ago I met with local farmers, vets and a member of the Derbyshire Rural Crime Team to hear about the issues in South Derbyshire.  We discussed the distinct policing needs of farming and rural communities.  I heard about the impact antisocial behaviour, hare coursing, fly tipping, theft of equipment, sheep worrying and damage to property has on local residents, particularly those affected. 

“I have been clear from the outset that tackling rural crime is a key priority for me.  I look forward to meeting with the NFU and other partners to explore how we can work together to effectively tackle the problems in rural areas and provide appropriate support to victims.

“I will include strong practical measures in my forthcoming Police and Crime Plan and the experience and insight of these rural specialists will be a big help as I develop my ideas.”

The report can be found here:   https://www.nfumutual.co.uk/farming/ruralcrime/


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