Police and Crime Commissioner secures nearly £660k to reduce domestic abuse

17 September 2021

Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster has secured nearly £660k from the Home Office to reduce domestic abuse across Derby and Derbyshire.

This additional funding will be invested in a series of domestic abuse intervention projects aimed at stopping perpetrators from inflicting further harm, providing greater protection to their partners and families.

It will also provide increased support for young people at risk of becoming future abusers and fund intervention work with adolescent perpetrators and their families.

Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster said: “Protecting victims and families from the threat of domestic abuse in Derbyshire is a top priority and I am determined to secure as much funding as possible to achieve this and put in place the right measures locally.

“We are all aware of the dreadful impact violence and abuse has on the lives of its victims and I intend to work hard to provide the right support for all those who need it. I expect this funding to deliver positive outcomes and reduce the threat of harm for those at risk of domestic abuse.

“In order to reduce the number of victims, we need to look at a number of possible interventions including effective prevention, which will aim at tackling the underlying causes of domestic abuse. Action must be taken so that young people exposed to violence in the home do not repeat the cycle.  Rapid intervention is necessary in situations where abusive behaviour is already apparent.”

The funding will enable the support and intervention projects delivered through local specialists to be expanded. This will also provide a greater understanding of the behaviours that drive abuse and help to identify the most successful strategies to tackle these problems.

Six projects will be delivered between now and 31 July 2022 through local providers.

Intervention will include one-to-one and group therapy, educational intervention, family work and community-based activity.

Domestic abuse support charity Salcare will lead a community-based early intervention project working with male perpetrators as well as children and young people who have experienced violence in the home and are showing early signs of using violence in their lives. Perpetrators will benefit from support to change their behaviour while victims will benefit from the integrated partner support service, increasing their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Jacqueline Bell, Director of Services for Salcare, said: “We’ve known for years that men who’ve perpetrated domestic abuse need advice and support to change in order to reduce Domestic Abuse in Amber Valley, which has one of the highest incidents of domestic violence in Derbyshire.

“This grant allows us to run a group for men, who accept the impact that their behaviour has on their family, friends and community. They’ll work us over 12 weeks to develop new skills, giving them full toolbox that lets them make better choices in their relationships.

“Children growing up with violence in the home risk becoming perpetrators in their adolescence, so the Commissioner’s grant to work with them is particularly important. We will develop early intervention programme with teenagers, who will work with us, one-to-one, over six weeks. Working with our Arts Psychotherapist, as well as a Key Worker, they’ll explore their behaviour and its impact through art and expressive therapy.”

The grant will also fund the ABC project, run by The Elm Foundation, to increase the safety and wellbeing of victims and their children by delivering effective interventions with perpetrators, holding them to account for their behaviour, assessing and managing risk and promoting respectful relationships.

Helen Mitchell, head of operations at The Elm Foundation, said: ‘This funding is a fantastic opportunity for Domestic Abuse Support in Derbyshire, (The Elm Foundation, Derbyshire Wish and Crossroads Derbyshire). We are once again able to provide a Respect-accredited voluntary programme for those wanting to address their abusive behaviours towards their partners.

“Domestic abuse is a horrendous crime, having lifetime impacts on both victims and children living within the family. For those who recognise that changes have to be made regarding their attitudes, behaviours and beliefs, the ‘Changes Programme’ will be available soon across Derby and Derby City, to provide structured sessions for participants and support for the partners.

“This is a programme designed to reduce the cycle of abuse and demonstrate that changes can be made for the better. Professionals and individuals can refer into this project.”

Charity Remedi will be working restoratively with young people affected by domestic abuse to deliver the following:

  • Cease Intervention Programme – A four session, one-to-one programme for young people aged 13-17 who are displaying controlling or coercive behaviours within their relationships (intimate or parent/carer). The programme supports young people to recognise abusive behaviours and understand the concept of choice and responsibility within a relationship. 
  • Cease Education Programme – A four session group educational programme to build awareness and understanding of Domestic Abuse among young people generally.
  • Together Families Programme – A programme which works intensively with the whole family over a 12-week period where a young person is displaying controlling/coercive behaviours towards parents, carers or siblings. The Remedi Together Families programme supports families to reduce the frequency and impact of abuse within the family home.

Remedi Assistant Director Nicola Bancroft said: “We are thrilled to be working in partnership with the Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner and the Home Office to pilot these initiatives across the City and County. Our programmes and workshops provide essential education and intervention to increase understanding and awareness of these key issues, reduce risk, improve support pathways and challenge perceptions.”

Nationally, the Home Office has awarded £11.3m to 25 Police and Crime Commissioners across England and Wales to fund domestic abuse intervention programmes.    


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