Police and Crime Commissioner meets the stalking specialists funded through her budget

23 February 2023

Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster has hosted a meeting with the specialists working hard to deliver an effective response to victims of stalking.

As part of her Police and Crime Plan priority to support and safeguard victims of crime, the Commissioner has funded two new Independent Stalking Advocates posts, one for the city and one for the county.  One of these individuals is already in place and the other is currently being recruited.

The advocates will support the work of Derbyshire Constabulary’s new full-time Stalking Coordinator, funded through the Commissioner’s budget.  The Co-ordinator’s job is to secure stalking protection orders to safeguard victims and help bring more perpetrators to justice through the delivery of high-quality police investigations.

These dedicated posts will also ensure that information is shared between the Police, partners and the voluntary sector to tackle risk more effectively and ensure organisations work collaboratively to identify to deliver safe and effective support services.

Following the meeting, which was attended by the stalking advisor already in post and senior managers together with the police stalking coordinator, Commissioner Angelique Foster said: “It was good to meet the specialist team. Their experience and professionalism will be extremely valuable and I am sure that their work will help victims to feel safe and confident once again. The impact this crime has on the mental health of victims can be devastating. Our new Independent Stalking Advisors will work closely with other organisations to ensure victims receive the support they need to rebuild their lives.

“Report of stalking have increased across Derbyshire and indeed nationally, and many cases involve victims of domestic abuse. We must do more to protect the safety of vulnerable women and girls and deliver better justice through the courts with higher-quality evidence and investigations.

“This is why I pushed hard for these posts in the first place and continue to hold the force to account for the delivery of improvements that will protect a greater number of women and girls in the future.  

“Ensuring that all the agencies involved address stalking effectively is part of my wider strategy to tackle and prevent violence against women and girls. It is a key priority for me as it is for the public here in Derbyshire so it is good to be able to showcase the progress being made.”

The Stalking Advocates provide emotional help, safety planning and support through the legal process, housing advice, help to obtain legal orders including Stalking Prevention Orders/restraining orders and increased home security. They also help to arrange counselling services to support victims’ recovery.  


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