Police and Crime Commissioner invests over £2m in new digital evidence system

Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster has invested in a new digital evidence management system (DEMS) to boost the Derbyshire Constabulary’s ability to collect, store and share evidence.

The contract, worth nearly £2.2m, will be delivered by Axon over a five-year period.  The Commissioner’s decision to award the contract followed a robust procurement process.

The new system will save time during investigations, speed up submission of files and ultimately improve the service provided to victims. 

Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster said: “I fully support this type of investment. Technology is critical to the Constabulary’s ability to solve investigations and bring criminals to justice, making it imperative that officers have the latest, most efficient systems available.  The DEMS system will speed up investigations, reduce the amount of officer time involved, enable easier and shared access to files which ultimately will provide victims with a better service.”


About DEMS:

Like all police forces, Derbyshire Constabulary has experienced a huge growth in the amount of digital evidence it is handling during investigations. There are well over 20 sources of digital evidence ranging from 999 call recordings, body worn video, CCTV footage, crime scene photos, downloads from seized electronic devices to digital interview recordings.

The volume of digital data to be accessed during an investigation and the complexity of navigating around the multiple locations where it is stored, is an obstacle for investigators and raises the risk of digital evidence failing to be captured or being missed completely.

Unlike physical evidence, which can be seized, exhibited, stored in a property store and then taken to court to be presented, if necessary, digital evidence is more difficult to deal with.

A DEMS is an electronic system designed to collect, store, and share digital evidence in an efficient and effective way. It will link to Niche, so that when digital evidence is identified, seized and uploaded into the DEMS it can be accessed and viewed from the crime occurrence.

Benefits include:

  • The system will enable the sharing of digital evidence with CPS on a 24/7 basis, giving greater access to charging and remand decisions outside normal working hours.
  • The force will retain control of the digital evidence and share via a link, which avoids making multiple copies.
  • It will also be easier to obtain CCTV from privately owned systems, without the risk of using a USB or portable media device.

The contract is expected to commence in September 2022.

Please note: This system should not be confused with the DEMS360 body worn video system, which is already in operation.

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NewsPolice and Crime Commissioner invests over £2m in new digital evidence system
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