Police and Crime Commissioner appoints new Deputy for Derbyshire

6 July 2023

Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster has confirmed her appointment of a Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner.

The new Deputy, Robert Flatley, will support the Commissioner to deliver on the pledges in her Police and Crime Plan.

His appointment will boost capacity in key areas such as the delivery of the Commissioner’s Young People Strategy and her local action plan to tackle anti-social behaviour.

The Commissioner made it clear on her election that she would evaluate her workload before deciding whether to appoint a Deputy. Since her election in 2021, the Commissioner has significantly increased the amount of additional funding for Commissioned Services.  This, in turn, means that the Commissioner’s office workload has also increased substantially.

In addition, following the first part of the Government’s review into the role of Police and Crime Commissioners, plans have been put forward to expand their role including the compulsory requirement to appoint a deputy.

Mr Flatley’s appointment was considered by a Confirmation Hearing of the Police and Crime Panel at a meeting held on 22 June, after which members agreed to recommend that an appointment be made. 

Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster said: “In both our submissions to the Panel as well as the information Mr Flatley and I provided at the Confirmation Hearing, I demonstrated that the appointment to the role of Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner has been a considered and thorough process. 

“The role of Deputy Commissioner is one of significant responsibility and covers a wide range of duties.  Mr Flatley’s appointment will help in part to boost capacity to scrutinise force performance further and hold the Chief Constable to account on behalf of the public.

“I have also taken into account that the recent review of Police and Crime Commissioners makes it clear that all Commissioners are now expected to appoint a Deputy to provide additional resilience should the Commissioner be absent for any reason.

“I am pleased that Mr Flatley has agreed to join my team at this important time. He brings important skills and experience to the table which will support my work to help keep Derbyshire and Derby City safe for local residents.

“He will support my work in key areas to deliver the pledges in my Police and Crime Plan as well as support and challenge the Force to improve performance.

“This is where his experience as both a County and Borough Councillor will give him invaluable insight into the needs and expectations of the public. I know that his focus is on representing residents and getting the best for them. I am also confident that he will boost the work we are already doing on anti-social behaviour and he will be key to helping deliver a Derbyshire specific Anti-Social Behaviour Immediate Justice Scheme alongside our proactive Young People Strategy.”

Robert Flatley added: “I look forward to helping to deliver the Commissioner’s Police and Crime Plan in any way I can. In particular this will include the young people’s strategy and our Derbyshire Immediate Justice Scheme. My experience in working with young people and in challenging and scrutinising performance will be key.

“I believe that by delivering on the pledges in the Commissioner’s Police and Crime Plan, which focus on the policing priorities that the public have said they want to see delivered in Derbyshire, we will improve the quality of life for people in our communities and that’s really important to me.”


Background notes:

Mr Flatley, 26 years old, lives in Derbyshire. Currently both a County and District Councillor his experience in education will prove highly beneficial in his new role, particularly with regards to the Young People’s Strategy.

Appointment of Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner:

Section 18 of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 provides for a Commissioner to appoint a person as Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner and provides a clear framework for assessing the eligibility and scrutiny requirements of such an appointment.  That legal responsibility has been followed to the letter.

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