People are asked for their views on 101 and 999 services

19 May 2022

Angelique Foster, Derbyshire Police and Crime commissioner is asking residents of Derbyshire to tell police chiefs about their experiences of the 101 and 999 services, as well as preferences for future modes of contact.

The Police Contact Survey runs until midnight on Sunday, June 26.

Participants are being asked to take a few minutes to answer a series of questions testing their understanding of emergency and non-emergency reporting systems, as well as newly emerging ways of contacting the police, like web chat, online forms and messaging over social media.

The survey, run by the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, will help inform police forces, the Home Office and local commissioners on any challenges around reporting to the police and assist in forming plans for the future.

Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster said: “Reporting to 101 and 999 remains a challenging area of business for police forces across the country. The needs of those making contact must be understood and forces must prioritise those most in need, meaning contact about routine items is sometimes not responded to as quickly as people would like.

“In addition, new technology deployed by some forces presents significant opportunities to speed up responses and open lines of communication with people who might not be comfortable using traditional methods. Improving 101 and 999 services is key to providing the strong local policing that residents want to see, so I am keen to see as many residents as possible taking part in this survey. ”

The survey can be completed by clicking on the link here:

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