Derbyshire County Council and Police and Crime Commissioner team up to bring new countywide trial of Speed Indicator Devices

10 March 2022

Derbyshire County Council Cabinet members working closely with the Police and Crime Commissioner, Angelique Foster have brought forward an important new initiative to promote the use of Speed Indicator Devices on Derbyshire’s roads, which will make this type of vehicle-activated sign more accessible to Parishes and Community Groups.

Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) are a type of electronically activated sign used to accurately measure oncoming vehicle speed and promote driver awareness of local speed limits.

The devices have a proven track record to reduce traffic speeds at appropriate locations and are mostly used in areas with speed restrictions already in place.  

Under the scheme, villages, districts, boroughs, parishes and town councils will be able to apply to use the SIDs subject to obtaining their Elected County Members approval. During the trial, villages would be able to apply for a maximum of three signs at sites where there are local concerns over speed.  

The Commissioner has already committed more than £150,000 funding for Road Safety Schemes and will be inviting Parishes Councils wishing to install SIDS to apply through a grant process.

Commissioner Angelique Foster said: “Road safety is one of the key priorities in my Police and Crime Plan. People across the County have told me time and time again that speeding is one of their main concerns and how it impacts on their communities. Many parish councils have been requesting these measures for a very long time to help tackle speeding in their communities.” 

This is why I have worked hard with the County Council to secure this important initiative. It signals a very positive step forward working in partnership to make Derbyshire’s roads safer for all road users.  

The Trial was agreed at a Cabinet Meeting of Derbyshire County Council held today (10 March).

Derbyshire County Council Leader, Barry Lewis commented: “Improving Road safety has been a key point in our manifesto and we are committed to do everything we can to help bring about tangible measures that will make a real difference to our communities. I am pleased that Cabinet Members agreed to support this trial and I am sure this will enjoy wide support amongst our communities. This new approach will empower parishes and communities worried about the dangers of speeding to take robust action in a way that is proven to be effective. This is also a great example of our commitment to partnership working with other organisations.”

Over the next few months, the County Council and Commissioner Angelique Foster will be working to further strengthen their collaboration via the Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership.

The trial is expected to get underway within the next six months when a number of areas have been agreed and the first signs are made operational following procurement and purchase processes being concluded and first installations completed.

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