Commissioner highlights key changes that have put Derbyshire on the map for Neighbourhood Policing

16 February 2023

Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster’s tough stance on Neighbourhood Crime has put the force at the forefront of national efforts to deliver a better service to communities.

Over the past 12 months, under the current Commissioner, Derbyshire Constabulary has made significant headway in response to her expectation of the strong and visible local policing the public has asked for.

Since launching her Police and Crime Plan, the Commissioner has pushed for a raft of improvements that are now helping officers tackle crime more effectively, increase police visibility and proactively bring more offenders to justice.

This has included the launch of a new Neighbourhood Policing Charter in her first year of office.  The Charter sets out a series of service standards on behalf of the Chief Constable which include the promise to provide every neighbourhood with an identifiable and accessible local officer, ensure officers listen and act quickly on the concerns of residents, and to consult communities regularly.

Commissioner Angelique Foster said: “From the outset, I’ve made it clear that I intend to improve the way the police respond, support and communicate with our communities in Derbyshire. This is being accomplished in so many ways.

“The launch of the Neighbourhood Policing Charter back in 2021 was the first step on this journey, setting out the high standards of service the public should expect to receive from local police. Other improvements have followed, including the launch of Neighbourhood Acquisitive Crime Teams in January this year to expand the number of officers and specialist investigators dedicated to investigating and preventing robbery and burglary and a determination to keep our officers agile so they can remain visible in our communities for longer periods of time.

“In keeping with my Police and Crime Plan priority to tackle Neighbourhood Crime, I’ve pushed hard for a better response to victims of burglary across the country and supported the force’s commitment to attend every residential burglary, which was introduced well ahead of the national pledge launched late last year. Burglary rates have reduced by 17% since my election and I am determined to continue this hard work.

“Furthermore, my focus on Anti-Social Behaviour, which has included the introduction of Anti-Social Behaviour Coordinators to monitor hotspots and work with dedicated multi-agency teams, has proved highly successful with falling rates of Anti-Social Behaviour across many areas of the county. There is similar success in tackling violent crime with new figures showing overall violence is down by 6%.

“I have pushed for a ‘zero laissez faire’ approach to the problems that impact the lives of those who live and work in Derbyshire. The force remains subject to unprecedented scrutiny from my office to deliver results and this has and will continue to ensure Derbyshire remains at the very forefront of delivering good quality local policing.”


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NewsCommissioner highlights key changes that have put Derbyshire on the map for Neighbourhood Policing
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