ANPR cameras secured by Police and Crime Commissioner are disrupting serious crime in Erewash

17 July 2023

High-tech cameras funded by Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster are disrupting crime and helping to bring offenders to justice in Erewash.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras were installed in Ilkeston in 2023 to address anti-social behaviour and neighbourhood crime after the Commissioner secured funding through the Safer Streets project. In March this year, further devices were deployed in Erewash to deliver proactive policing.

Since the roll-out, the cameras have delivered excellent results including the seizure of a stolen vehicle used by a disqualified driver, the identification of vehicles used in a high-value burglary and the identification of pick pocket thieves who targeted pensioners.

Commissioner Angelique Foster said: “These devices are proving their worth by securing vital evidence to help police solve crime and bring more offenders to justice. 

“The road network in and around Erewash is fast becoming a no-go zone for criminals including those who peddle drugs and exploit young people in County Lines networks. These results are very positive and show how the right equipment is crucial for police officers to do their job effectively.  I am determined to ensure we see more positive outcome in Erewash and more criminals caught.”

The cameras send alerts to Ilkeston Police and Police HQ in Ripley, providing officers with the opportunity to target criminals using the road network to carry out their activities.

High harm road users such as disqualified and uninsured drivers are also being targeted.

Data captured by the network also helps build an intelligence picture and assist police in their day-to-day enquiries while supporting the investigation of serious offences by specialist units.


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