Commissioner comments following the conclusion of the Inquest into the death of Gracie Spinks

21 November 2023

Angelique Foster, Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “Gracie Spinks’ life was taken in the most horrifying circumstances. I appreciate how difficult the inquest process must have been for her family and my thoughts remain with them.

“As Commissioner, I inherited the issues raised during this Inquest. I made it clear that I expected to see swift and sustained improvement.  I have relentlessly challenged and scrutinised the work of the Constabulary to boost performance to ensure that everything possible was being done to prevent further tragedies.

“In support of this work I have driven the development of a Derbyshire-specific VAWG Strategy to ensure more cohesive and effective service delivery across the different organisations charged with tackling this type of violence.   Amongst other moves I have funded a full-time stalking co-ordinator within the force and two independent stalking advocates.

“While I welcome the progress we are now seeing, I am determined to push for more.  I want to see more prevention work, more enforcement, swifter justice and exemplary support for victims. 

“My role is to hold the force to account to ensure that it delivers the highest standard of policing for local people. This includes the effective protection of women and girls and the safeguarding of children. It is critical that victims and those at risk of harm are first and foremost in everything we do. 

“Violence against women and girls is not acceptable and tackling it must remain a key priority for us all.  I will continue to provide the necessary resources to make Derbyshire safer for women and girls. Protecting women and girls will remain at the top of our agenda here in Derbyshire.”


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