Home Office Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Fund 2023–25

In order to build further on the work to date, the Home Office states their ambition in the Tackling Domestic Abuse Plan is to invest in, and evaluate, perpetrator interventions as these are critical to reducing the risk posed by the perpetrator (including through changing behaviour) and understanding how to prevent these individuals reoffending in future. In order to help achieve this, the Home Office has committed to investing £75 million over three years into tackling domestic abuse perpetrators. It is from this funding that the Home Office will further support the rollout and delivery of quality interventions nationally via the Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Intervention Fund 2023-25.

The aim of the Fund is to increase availability of interventions for perpetrators of domestic abuse, with the ultimate aim of reducing reoffending and protecting victims and survivors and their children. The Home Office will be specifically looking for evidence of the following objectives:

  • Sustained reduction, frequency, and gravity of abuse;
  • Reduction in risk posed by the perpetrator;
  • Improved safety, and feelings of safety, for any associated victims and their children.

This Fund is now closed

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