Anti-Social Behaviour Prevention Grant – Round 2

31 May 2022

When I was elected as Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, I promised to tackle the problems that matter most to our communities.

I have heard from many local people and victims of crime over the past two years whose lives have been made miserable by persistent anti-social behaviour and low-level disorder. This has to change.

I have launched my Anti-Social Behaviour Prevention Grant scheme to invest in proven initiatives that stop problems happening now and in the long-term. I want to empower voluntary and community organisations to take a stand against nuisance behaviour and support the partnership work already underway to make our streets safer.

Following its successful first round last year, the Anti-Social Behaviour Prevention Grant Scheme has re-opened for fresh applications to support the fight against anti-social behaviour and neighbourhood crime.

I believe anti-social behaviour is preventable with the right support and resources for young people. I also think communities should have the help and funding they need to play a proactive role in solving problems.

Through my Anti-Social Behaviour Prevention Grant, I will invest £100k into projects that take positive action against anti-social behaviour. These could include sports and creative arts diversionary programmes, radio/film-making activities, drop-ins for young people, CCTV, community clean-ups, intergenerational schemes, mentoring projects, education initiatives and parental support programmes.

Grants of up to £5,000 will be allocated to successful applicants who can show evidence of how they will make a difference to Derby and Derbyshire’s communities.  In addition to voluntary groups, I would welcome applications from both Parish and Town Councils.

I want to make sure we are not only tackling serious and organised crime but those issues that cause despair to local people every day. I want our communities to feel supported – wherever they live in the county – and I am determined to listen and act on their needs.

Every penny of this funding is important and I will make sure it is invested in the best possible way to protect our communities and prevent harm. Together, we will make a difference.

Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster

Please note:

Commissioner Angelique Foster wants to offer the opportunity to bid into this grant to as many applicants as possible and to fund a broad range of projects aiming to tackle anti-social behaviour in Derbyshire’s communities. In order to achieve this, there were two deadline dates.

This grant fund closed on 30th September 2022. 

Each Grant applicant goes through a rigorous due diligence process before the Commissioning Team considers the application. Once the due diligence process has been completed the Commissioning Team judges the application on various fields such as:

  • Summary of proposed project
  • Evidence of need for the project
  • Who will benefit and how the grant will secure, or continue to secure, crime and disorder reduction
  • Evidence of Partnership
  • Track Record of Delivery
  • Exit Strategy
  • Added Value
  • Additional Information
  • Breakdown and Justification of Costs

Once the Commissioning Team has judged the application they will make a recommendation to the Police and Crime Commissioner and their Senior Leadership Team where a decision is then reached.

Successful Grant Recipients

Name: Bailey Bears
Duration of Grant: 3 months
Funded: £4,171.00

  • To set up and run workshops which are aimed at children 11 to 16 years old and for up to 30 children.
  • Workshop 1 child centred: to create a virtual reality workshop to reduce gang culture, peer pressures and what anti-social attitudes out in the communities look like and the impact on their victims.
  • Workshop 2 child centred: to create a person centre workshop to improve self-esteem, tackle peer pressure and recognise impact of positive actions such as smile power, being aware of other people’s fears and barriers has within the community.
  • Workshop 3 parent centred: to create a parent based on how to tackle anti-social behaviours in their children and how they can provide a calmer home environment.

Name: Belper Youth Sports
Duration of Grant: 3 months
Funded: £5,000.00

  • To provide multi sport activities to 160 young people aged 5 to 13, free of charge over the summer period.
  • To work collaboratively with the Blend Youth Project to do outreach work and refer children into the festival.
  • To work with various local sports providers to deliver quality session to young people.

Name: Chesterfield FC Community Trust – Boots on Ground
Duration of Grant: 6 months
Funded: £5,000.00

  • To run 3 hour outreach sessions every week in Queen’s Park, Chesterfield from 15:00– 18:00 over the summer holiday period offering supervised physical activity to promote wellbeing, create togetherness, and build a good sense of community spirit, pride and raise aspirations.
  • To run 4 hour sessions every week 18:00 – 22:00 over the school holiday period with different engagement activities offered to reduce incidents of ASB and crime.

Name: Community One
Duration of Grant: 3 months
Funded: £4,900.00

  • Deliver summer holiday activity across the wards of Abbey, Arboretum and Normanton in Derby City.
  • Deliver three contact sessions per week in the 6-week holiday and two sessions of detached youth provision.
  • Work with the Gym Group to deliver boxing and fitness sessions to 15 young people.
  • Deliver a contact session at the St James Centre focused on providing social education, work to improve cohesion and a range of activities.
  • Deliver a contact session within Arboretum Park based on the provision of multi sports activity using the outdoor courts and Heart of the Park building.

Name: DCCT
Duration of Grant: 12 Months
Funded: £5,000.00

  • To run weekly sessions primarily focused on sport and physical activity but also introducing workshop-based activities through partner agencies who can offer support and advice as well as signposting to support the education and empowerment of young people.
  • To engage up to 70 participants weekly across two hubs located in the wards of Sunny Hill and Mackworth in Derby City.
  • To deliver on themes around resilience, leadership, mental health support and healthy eating & nutrition.
  • Work with existing and new partners to identify people aged 10-17 who are either committing ASB and other associated crime including schools who have identified students who are at risk and in need of early intervention.

Name: Derby trailblazers
Duration of Grant: 3 months
Funded: £3,840.00

  • To deliver outdoor basketball sessions to young people in parks across the centre of Derby.
  • To purchase 2 portable hoops and outdoor basketballs.
  • To give the participants of the basketball sessions there will be three brief talks on ASB, respect and the local community.

Name: Eckington Parish Council
Duration of Grant: 3 months
Funded: £4,750.00

  • To provide financially struggling families with free activities for all ages.
  • To deliver 3 x free Friday tea-time discos.
  • To deliver 5 x free family activity days including a free well-balanced meal.

Name: Holmesfield Youth project
Duration of Grant: 3 months
Funded: £1,000.00

  • To provide a safe space for local young people aged 11 – 18 years old where they can participate in either individual or group positive activities.
  • To have Glow! Volunteer led activities such as bowling, laser quest, eating together, using public transport-both buses and trains, planning and executing a trip (life skills), bushcraft skills.

Name: Insight Community Project
Duration of Grant: 3 months
Funded: £5,000.00

  • To run holiday clubs on West Park (3 weeks) and Breaston Park (1 week) for up to 40 young people for 4 days a week for 4 weeks over the summer holiday period.
  • To provide children with the following activity options: sport and physical activities, arts and crafts, baking, music and creative arts.
  • To ensure all children take part in at least one hour of physical activity and get the chance to socialise and gain independence whilst being in a safe and positive environment.

Name: Matrix Martial Arts
Duration of Grant: 12 Months
Funded: £1,250

  • To offer 2 young people (aged 9 – 13) a bursary by Move More Glossop, in partnership with HPBC, DCC, Active Derbyshire, HPSSP, Lex Leisure and GM Moving Pilot, a year of martial arts training.
  • The two beneficiaries will receive martial arts lessons twice or three times a week.

Name: Sporting Communities
Duration of Grant: 12 Months
Funded: £4,950

  • To create a free virtual reality youth club open to any young people aged 13+ years across Derby City. Virtual reality (VR) will be accessible at weekly youth club sessions where young people will engage in games, educational tasks, and new experiences.
  • Experienced youth workers will deliver for 2 hours per week at Normanton Community Centre, focussing around developing youth provision and improving community cohesion through anti-social behaviour (ASB) deterrent activities.
  • Attend ASB operations meeting gathering local insight about issues in the community and use this knowledge to inform youth workers which will engage with the community.
  • Police and Fire service will complete session talks delivering important information on relevant topics while young people are gathered at the youth service.

Name: The Bureau
Duration of Grant: 12 Months
Funded: £4,875.00

  • To provide a safe place for children aged between 11-17 to partake in a variety of sports and exercise sessions.
  • Activities to include arts and crafts and education on healthy eating and nutritional advice.

Name: Unstone Parish Council
Duration of Grant: 12 Months
Funded: £3,600.00

  • To install a CCTV system at Brierely Park children’s play area to reduce anti-social behaviour within the vicinity of the site.

Name: Whitwell Parish Council
Duration of Grant: 12 Months
Funded: £5,000.00

  • To implement security measures which will act as a deterrent and protect all users of the premises as well as the building and its contents.
  • To alleviate the issues relating to anti-social behaviour and criminal damage to property, ensuring that residents can live safely and without fear of crime in their homes/gardens.
  • Security measures:
    • the installation of security fencing to the eastern boundary of the Bakestone Moor recreation ground in Whitwell.    

Name: Youth Matters
Duration of Grant: 12 Months
Funded: £5,000.00

  • To create a youth club so that children and young people have a safe space where they can have fun with activities, sports, warm food and experiences with other local community groups.
  • To run diversionary projects to give children and young people the opportunity to access sports and leisure activities.
  • To provide a support group for young LGBTQ+ members of the community where they can have a safe space to learn from others’ experiences. To take them camping and have regular support group meetings in local coffee shops where they have access to sexual health advice and peer mentoring opportunities.
  • For those young people who are N.E.E.T (Not in Education, Employment or Training), practical workshop-based activity will be offered alongside standard educational input.

Name: High Peak Central Youth Movement
Duration of Grant: 12 Months
Funded: £5,000

  • To continue running a youth club within Chapel en le Frith so that children and young people have a safe space where they can have fun with activities and sports.
  • To run diversionary projects to give children and young people the opportunity to access sports and leisure activities.

Name: Remedi
Duration of Grant: 12 Months
Funded: £5,000

To run a ASB programme to both adult and youth perpetrators across Derbyshire which covers the following:

  • What is ASB, what defines it and what forms it takes.
  • What are the consequences and to whom.
  • What are the impacts of ASB.
  • Moving forwards.
  • Repairing the harm.

Name: ASPIRE 2 Succeed
Duration of Grant: 12 Months
Funded: £5,000

To deliver a community safety and engagement project on the Austen Estate to improve community confidence and cohesion and reduce levels of crime and anti-social behaviour.

  • The project aims to improve communication and engagement across the area through the following activities:
  • Regular sporting activities but especially the development of the local football teams for hard-to-reach young people.
  • To provide creative opportunities to hard-to-reach young people such as art, photography and music production.
  • To provide one to one mentoring to hard-to-reach young people who are engaging in anti-social behaviour.

Name: Snap Youth
Duration of Grant: 6 months
Funded: £4,569

  • To deliver an intergenerational session each week for a period of 6 months
  • To engage 30 young people with the project; learning new skills and building positive links with other community members.
  • To enable 30 young people to identify the risks and protective factors of criminal activity.
  • To enable 25 young people to develop better communication skills and be better able to interact with different generations.
  • To enable 20 young people to discuss their strategy for making decisions.
  • To enable 8 adult volunteers to gain a sense of value for assisting the next generation and making a difference in a future society.

Name: Eckington Parish Council
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £5,000

  • To close off a nearby area by installing gates at cemetery and Chapel of Ease in Eckington to reduce anti-social behaviour within the vicinity of the site.

Name: River Network
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £5,000

The project will provide a safe and comfortable environment to engage disadvantaged young people and achieve the following outcomes:

  • To get young people off the street.
  • To get disadvantaged young people to overcome the barriers in their lives.
  • To reduce anti-social behaviour in the Hurst Farm area.

Name: Langwith Parish Council
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £5,000

To conduct Improvement works to the recreation land at Cockshut Lane to provide diversionary activities to prevent anti-social behaviour and to improve the health and wellbeing of our young parishioners.

To install the below items to reduce anti-social behaviour in Langwith Park:

  • Installation of walking/ running track.
  • Installation of gym equipment.
  • Installation of seating and planting.

Name: Rosliston, Seales and Linton Scout Group
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £4,454

To purchase and install the below items to reduce anti-social behaviour and vandalism at the Rosliston, Seales and Linton Scout Hut and football field:

  • motion detector security trail cameras.
  • security fencing.
  • signs for no trespassing and warning that there are security cameras.
  • a new gate and posts and lock/chain at entrance to field.
  • paint to repaint the portacabin and trailers where there has already been graffiti/vandalism.

Name: Shirebrook Town council
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £5,000

Installation of town centre CCTV to reduce criminal and anti-social activity in the town centre.

Name: Tintwistle Cricket Club
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £5,000

To create a new community hub offering opportunities for all the community.

To include the following to help reduce the amount of anti-social behaviour in the area:

  • Enhance sporting activities for children and young adults.
  • Enhance community groups such as youth clubs and activities for young adults.
  • To create Neighbourhood Crime Prevention groups.

Name: ACCA
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £5,000

To inform older member of the community about the ACCA group and how to deal with ASB and take actions to reduce it in the area through the following:

  • Consider good practice in how to react to ASB in the local area.
  • How to work with neighbours and the 101 number to report it.
  • How to put in place appropriate diversionary activities for young people.
  • To participate in neighbourhood groups to identify incidents of ASB.
  • To communicate with others and to report any incidents to the proper agencies.

Name: Ace Youth
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £3,920

  • To run a 17-week programme providing diversionary support to young boys aged 12-15 with a wide range of complex individual issues. A group of 6 – 7 students who are known to be disruptive and are either engaging, or are likely to engage, in anti-social behaviour are selected and referred to ACE by the local school.
  • Diversionary activities will include the following:
    • Induction, gym, cycle ride, hike, orienteering, dry ski slope, fishing, climbing unit, self-defence, clay pigeon shoot, fitness challenge, camp fire cooking, team games, outdoor swimming.

Name: Baby People
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £4,680

To deliver arts and music sessions with young people between the age of 12-18 to provide a platform to become a part of their city’s initiative in making Derbyshire safe.  Sessions will focus on achieving the following:

  • focus on being responsible citizens.
  • reduction in anti-social behaviour.
  • reduction in the perpetration of hate crimes.
  • educate young people about the importance of being lawful.

This will be delivered in the following areas:

  • Sinfin.
  • Allenton.
  • Chaddesden.

Name: Central United Reformed Church
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £5,000

To close off a nearby area by installing gates at Central United Reformed Church to reduce anti-social behaviour within the vicinity of the site.

Name: Crich Parish Council
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £4,524

  • To extend the current volunteer-led weekly youth engagement to older age groups by offering detached youth work sessions aimed at 15+ age.
  • To install CCTV on the recreation ground.

Name: Elmton with Creswell Parish Council
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £5,000

To reduce crime and incidents of anti-social behaviour through the design, supply, installation and maintenance of a Wi-Fi CCTV scheme for Elmton with Creswell Parish Council in a number of locations.

Name: Killamarsh Parish Council
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £5,000

  • To reduce anti-social behaviour in several hotspots in Killamarsh through a multi-agency response between the Parish Council, the Police, Extreme Wheels.
  • To expand on the Summer 2022 offer by commissioning ‘Extreme Wheels’ to run a ‘Spring to Autumn’ programme in 2023. 
  • To engage with, and improve the lives of local young people through improved social skills, and health and well being.

Name: Me, My Mind & I CIC
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £3,600

  • To help combat anti-social behaviour by delivering  “how the mind works” to all students at Parkside High CIC – one session per week for 6 weeks.
  • To liaise with the Deputy Principle at Ilkeston Ormiston to assess which students would be appropriate for “how the mind works” and discuss how the project is delivered.
  • The programme will work with disruptive teens to help them understand their emotional & mental needs, regain control over their actions prior to acting or responding to their thoughts & equipping them with life skills to regulate emotions & actions.

Name: Rhubarb Farm
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £4,975

  • To run an arts-based project aimed at engaging young people who have been involved with anti-social behaviour, or whose situation makes them vulnerable to offending.
  • To use sessional Support Workers to provide purposeful activities for young people to work on. These will be project-based, including construction of art works, and community clean- up activities, and built round the interests and needs of the young people involved.
  • The activities will include awareness-raising of the need for respect for the community, developing a sense of social responsibility and an ethos of volunteering in the community.
  • The Farm will work with schools, local Safer Neighbourhood Teams in Bolsover District and Bolsover District Council and Probation Service to take referrals of young people of concern.

Name: Willington Youth Club
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £2,400

  • To reform the Willington Youth Club which has been inactive since the Covid period.
  • Fund a part time group organiser to help restart the group and run it for the next twelve months.
  • To monitor and report on weekly meeting, attendance, activities offered, undertaken and completed.

Name: Wingerworth Parish Council
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £4,255

  • To protect the Deer Park by installing a barrier which will prevent unauthorised users accessing the car park particularly during anti-social hours.
  • To reduce the levels of anti-social behaviour, making visitors to the site and local residents feel safer.
  • To protect the site from any risks posed by potential illegal encampments following spates in the area.

Name: Youth Matters
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £5,000

  • To divert a child or young person from entering or staying within the CJS by starting a youth mentoring programme that parents or agencies can refer to when a child or young person is, or is likely to be, involved in crime or anti-social behaviour.
  • To give the child/young person healthy occupation and a supportive new peer group.
  • To see a reduction in ASB from the child/young person being supported.

Name: Circus Strong
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £4,699

To provide Aerial Circus & BungeeFit Classes for young people aged 13 to 16 in Ashbourne running Monday to Saturday throughout the year. This will have the following outcomes:

  • Reduced number of youths engaging in anti-social behaviour in and around Ashbourne.
  • Increased fitness levels & strength.
  • An increase in the number of LGBTQ individuals’ that young people positively engage with at Circus Strong.
  • An increased level of empathy towards LGBTQ community members and a reduction in the engagement in hate crime.

Name: Belper Town Council
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £5,000

To install a CCTV system at Belper Memorial Gardens comprising three high definition CCTV cameras and associated monitoring service to reduce the level of anti-social behaviour in this area.

Name: South Normanton PC
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £5,000

To give the local older children a space where they can gather to prevent them engaging in anti-social behaviour. This includes:

  • Building an all-weathers canopy with seating and play equipment aimed at older children/teenagers to prevent street crime and disruptive behaviour in the community.
  • Installation of CCTV, upgraded lighting and an upgrade to the skate park.

Name: Infinite Wellbeing C.I.C.
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £5,000

To divert young people away from anti-social behaviour through positive experiences and enriching activities such as:

  • Learning how to cook safely and healthily
  • Craft and coping activities
  • Building up communication and social skills
  • Promoting well being and developing valuable life skills

Name: Parkside High CIC
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £5,000

  • To divert young people away from anti-social behaviour through a blend of sporting activities and traditional youth work.
  • By engaging with young people on a Friday night the following will be delivered by trained youth workers:
    • Building positive relationships.
    • Providing positive activities.
    • Healthy snacks.
    • Creating a safe space.
  • This will be targeted in different ASB hotspot areas:
    • Market Place, Kirk Hallam
    • Larklands
    • Cotmanhay

Name: Fusion Scape Ltd
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £4,840

In order to divert children and young people away from negative and anti-social behaviour, the project will deliver the following:

  • To provide children and young people aged 8 – 17 in Alvaston, Allenton, Normanton, Sinfin, and Boulton Moor (South Derbyshire) the opportunity to access regular physical activity, including kickboxing and boys’ basketball.
  • To receive referrals to the programme from the Bemrose School and Noel Baker Academy.

Name: The Enthusiasm Trust
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £5,000

  • To run 12 months of outreach sessions to help tackle rising issues of ASB involving young people.
  • To work in partnership with the Police, Neighbourhood Boards and Local Schools to identify ASB hotspots and actively engage any known peer groups that need intervention. 
  • To deliver activities including football, youth clubs, boxercise and educational workshops to tackle issues such as gang culture, youth violence and exploitation.

Name: Darley Dale Scout Group
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £1,439

  • To provide an extra level of security to the Green Planet Project area surrounding the Scout Hut.
  • To install crime prevention measures such as CCTV, Calor gas canister mesh cage and motion sensor lights.

Name: Children First Derby
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £5,000

The project aims to build on Children First Derby’s comprehensive mentoring programme that supports vulnerable 10–18-year-olds, living in Derby’s most deprived areas:

  • The programme will work with 30 young people over 12-months and will deliver 16 weekly sessions per cohort of 10 mentees at a time. The length of each intervention will include 8 weeks of one-to-one sessions followed by 8 weeks of Alter Rock’s climbing sessions and work towards a National Indoor Climbing Award Level 2.

Name: Spiral Arts
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £5,000

Spiral Arts will lead a project focussing on reducing anti-social behaviour in Derby Arboretum area to deliver the following:

  • Deliver 20 creative sessions with schools and young people’s groups.
  • Discuss issues of litter, drug use and aggressive dogs and use diversionary art activities to raise awareness and explore ways to change the ASB and to make the Arboretum a safer space to enjoy.
  • Work with up to 40-50 participants to produce posters, badges, postcards, and banners to showcase at an event in April 2023.
  • Plan and deliver a half day community clean-up and engage with older people who use the park.

Name: Sawley Community Association
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £2,148

To install a CCTV system at Sawley Community Hall to reduce anti-social behaviour, vandalism and criminal damage.

Name: Youlgrave Parish Council
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £5,000

To install CCTV, upgrade of alarms and electronic locks for the protection of two community public toilet blocks, owned and run by Youlgrave Parish Council, to reduce anti-social behaviour, vandalism and criminal damage.

Name: Matlock Pubwatch Group
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £5,000

  • To install a 2-way radio system into the Matlock Town centre licensed premises. This system would be used to generate an initial “alert” to all the other premises. This would also be backed up with added information that would be circulated via a “closed” social media group.
  • To purchase up to 20 radio mics and the relevant kit to become operational.

Name: Derbyshire Historic Buildings Trust
Duration of Grant: 12 months
Funded: £5,000

To install the below equipment at Wingfield Station to reduce anti-social behaviour within the vicinity of the area:

  • External fixed CCTV cameras.
  • Recording equipment.
  • License.
  • Ducting and cable.
  • External lighting (LED uplighters, bollards and trenching).
  • Swing barrier.

Project Engagement Co-ordinator role for the duration of the project (3 days/week) and responsible for community engagement, volunteer development and activity delivery.

The Grant Agreement and Terms and Conditions are available here.

If you have any issues or questions please contact the Commissioning Team:

PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of legally required data and historic financial records, the majority of the information on the Derbyshire OPCC website covers information, news and events for the current Commissioner only. For access to news articles and information covering the previous Commissioners please contact the OPCC team.
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