Derbyshire Victim Services

A dedicated website is funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire to provide a ‘one stop shop’ of help and support for victims of crime and antisocial behaviour.

The Derbyshire Victim Services website has been designed as an online tool of information to help connect vulnerable people to a wealth of local and national organisations that can provide assistance. It also provides visitors with the opportunity to report a crime to Derbyshire Constabulary, Crimestoppers and Fearless. We are determined to make it easier for victims of crime in Derbyshire to access the help they need quickly and easily. We’ve worked hard to deliver useful information and service details, both local and national, with help from victim services, the police, local authorities, the fire and rescue services, health services, voluntary sector organisations and specialist support groups. We understand that different people will need different help depending on their circumstances and so the Derbyshire Victim Services site will act as a fantastic tool to search services for a wide variety of crime types and other social issues.

Please visit the Derbyshire Victim Services Website for more information.

If you are in any danger, please do not hesitate to contact the police immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of legally required data and historic financial records, the majority of the information on the Derbyshire OPCC website covers information, news and events for the current Commissioner only. For access to news articles and information covering the previous Commissioners please contact the OPCC team.
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