Anti-Social Behaviour Prevention Grant – Round 4

10 August 2023

When I was elected as Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, I promised to tackle the problems that matter most to our communities.

I have heard from many local people and victims of crime over the past two years whose lives have been made miserable by persistent anti-social behaviour and low-level disorder. This has to change.

I have launched my Anti-Social Behaviour Prevention Grant scheme to invest in proven initiatives that stop problems happening now and in the long-term. I want to empower voluntary and community organisations to take a stand against nuisance behaviour and support the partnership work already underway to make our streets safer.

Following its successful previous rounds, the Anti-Social Behaviour Prevention Grant Scheme has re-opened for fresh applications to support the fight against anti-social behaviour and neighbourhood crime.

I believe anti-social behaviour is preventable with the right support and resources for young people. I also think communities should have the help and funding they need to play a proactive role in solving problems.

Through my Anti-Social Behaviour Prevention Grant, I will invest into projects that take positive action against anti-social behaviour. These could include sports and creative arts diversionary programmes, radio/film-making activities, drop-ins for young people, CCTV, community clean-ups, intergenerational schemes, mentoring projects, education initiatives and parental support programmes.

Grants of up to £5,000 will be allocated to successful applicants who can show evidence of how they will make a difference to Derbyshire and Derby City’s communities.  In addition to voluntary groups, I would welcome applications from both Parish and Town Councils.

I want to make sure we are not only tackling serious and organised crime but those issues that cause despair to local people every day. I want our communities to feel supported – wherever they live in the county – and I am determined to listen and act on their needs.

Every penny of this funding is important and I will make sure it is invested in the best possible way to protect our communities and prevent harm. Together, we will make a difference.

Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster

Please note:

Commissioner Angelique Foster wants to offer the opportunity to bid into this grant to as many applicants as possible and to fund a broad range of projects aiming to tackle anti-social behaviour in Derbyshire’s communities.

We hope that organisations who may wish to offer some diversionary activity programmes over the half term October holiday period will be able to submit their bids by Friday 15th September 2023. The Commissioner aims to have made decisions on submitted applications within a week of the closing date.

  • Opening date for applications is Monday 14th August 2023
  • Closing date for applications is Friday 15th September 2023 

Criteria for Applying

The purpose of this grant is to enable Commissioner Angelique Foster to respond to local neighbourhood and district issues particularly those relating to ASB or wider community safety concerns that enables early intervention or prevention work to be undertaken. The Commissioner expects to see a variety of project proposals that respond to local needs and priorities. The Commissioner would also encourage and support people to come together to form new grassroots community groups wherever possible.

The focus of the Commissioner’s Anti-Social Behaviour Prevention Grant is on policing and crime, community safety and helping to create safer and stronger communities. Applications should consider alignment to the Police and Crime Plan priorities and broader community safety objectives in local communities.

In principle, the Commissioner will be looking for projects:

  • that help individuals to live safely and without fear of crime in their homes
  • which empower the local community to tackle problems in their neighbourhood areas
  • that are organised by (and involving) community/neighbourhood groups
  • that can demonstrate that they can make a difference to local communities
  • that take a new and sustainable approach to tackling long term problems
  • that foster good relations between partner agencies and communities and do not work in isolation
  • that relate to and support the Commissioner’s priorities.


The full Guidance and Application Form is available here.

The grant Standard Conditions are available here.

If you have any issues or questions please contact the Commissioning Team:

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