The Police and Crime Commissioner and Executive Team

The Police and Crime Commissioner is supported in her work by an executive team as well as a dedicated staff looking after the various duties and responsibilities within the Office.

You can contact the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner or any of the staff by methods found on our Contact Us page

Nicolle Ndiweni PCC

The Commissioner – Nicolle Ndiweni 

The Commissioner sets the priorities for policing in the county. These will respond to the needs and expectations of communities. She will also ensure that the necessary resources are available to address local and national priorities when she sets the budget and will assess the Force’s performance. 

Chief Operating Officer – Andrew Dale  

Andrew is the Police and Crime Commissioner’s statutory Chief Finance Officer (s151 Officer) with overall responsibility for the administration of the Commissioner’s financial affairs.

He also has executive responsibility for the office and is the Commissioner’s Head of Staff.  Andrew is supported by the Senior Leadership Team.

17 Nov 2016 – Confirmation Hearing – Andrew Dale


PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of legally required data and historic financial records, the majority of the information on the Derbyshire OPCC website covers information, news and events for the current Commissioner only. For access to news articles and information covering the previous Commissioners please contact the OPCC team.
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