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Freedom of Information Disclosure Log 2020

This page will be populated with a register of Freedom of Information requests and responses.

FOI Disclosure Log 2020
 Date of Request FOI Reference Name of RequestResponse 
07.01.2020  FOI/01/2020  Speed camera locations Response
16.01.2020  FOI/05/2020  GP screening Response
17.01.2020  FOI/04/2020  Travellers site Response
17.01.2020  FOI/03/2020  Travellers site Response
23.01.2020  FOI/06/2020  Custody areas Response
06.02.2020  FOI/09/2020  Carbon impacts Response
07.02.2020  FOI/02/2020  Drug consumption rooms Response 
14.02.2020  FOI/08/2020  PCC salary and staffing numbers Response
18.02.2020  FOI/11/2020  Bigfoot Response
16.02.2020  FOI/07/2020  Grants for stalking Response
27.02.2020  FOI/12/2020  Traffic violations and accidents Response
03.03.2020  FOI/13/2020  Thefts, accidents and damage to vehicles in car parks Response
06.03.2020  FOI/14/2020  HMIC Response
11.03.2020  FOI15/2020  Siro and Information asset owner questions Response
24.03.2020  FOI19/2020  IPAB Response
26.05.2020  FOI/24/2020  Pornographic websites Response
12.03.2020  FOI/23/2020  Car details Response
 05.05.2020  FOI/22/2020  Cyclists Response
 06.06.2020  FOI/25/2020

 Speed camera questions

 27.03.2020  FOI/16/2020  Police station details Response
 27.03.2020  FOI/16/2020  Police station details attachment Response
 26.03.2020  FOI/17/2020  Police stations details Response
 26.03.2020  FOI/17/2020  Police stations details attachment Response
 02.04.2020  FOI/18/2020   Funding Response
 27.03.2020  FOI/20/2020  Drones Response
 27.03.2020  FOI/21/2020  Drones Response
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