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Freedom of Information Disclosure Log 2018

This page will be populated with a register of Freedom of Information requests and responses.

FOI Disclosure Log 2018
 Date of Request FOI Reference Name of Request Response
 8 January 2018  FOI/01  Cyber bullying and the mallicious Communications Act Transferred to the Constabulary
17 January 
 FOI/02  Funds relating to Victims of Stalking Response  
26 January 2018 FOI/03 Information relating to OPCC use of facebook and Twitter Response
4 February 2018 FOI/04 Use of domestic CCTV Transferred to the Constabulary
13 February 2018 FOI/05 No. of Officers suspended from duty Transferred to the Constabulary
26 February 2018 FOI/06 Key Forensic Services Transferred to the Constabulary
1 March 2018 FOI/07 Software used to handle press releases Response
18 March 2018 FOI/08 Policing of the old DRI site Transferred to the Constabulary
27 March 2018 FOI/09 Information about Courier Services Response
30 March 2018 FOI/10 Reports on the policing of drug offences Response
5 April 2018 FOI/11 Register of premises or land owned Response
25 April 2018 FOI/12 Information relating to Security Industry Authorities Transferred to the Constabulary
27 April 2018 FOI/13

Hardware Maintenance Contracts for Servers, Storage and Networking

No information held
21 May 2018 FOI/14 Monies paid to The Enthusiasm Trust Response
21 May 2018 FOI/15 General Election Transferred to the Constabulary
9 May 2018 FOI/16

Information on campaigns for raising awareness of domestic abuse.

Transferred to the Constabulary
21 May 2018 FOI/17

Information on the number of Police Officers serving the Erewash District.

Transferred to the Constabulary

10 June 2018 FOI/18

Information relating to the formulation and execution of US Foreign Policy.

No information held
22 June 2018 FOI/19 Budget for commissioning services for VAWG Response 
10 July 2018 FOI/20 Budget for the Hunting Act 2004 Response
12 July 2018 FOI/21

Information which alleges, or proves, that the U.S. Department of State and/or U.S. Department of Defense and/or any other entity committed electoral fraud at the June 8th, 2017, United Kingdom general election and/or the June 23rd, 2016, United Kingdom European Union membership referendum.

Transferred to the Constabulary

25 July 2018 FOI/22 PCC Expenses Response
25 July 2018 FOI/23 Number of police on long term stress leave

Transferred to the Constabulary

26 July 2018 FOI/24 Information on County Lines Drugs Supply Operations

Transferred to the Constabulary

30 July 2018 FOI/25 Information on General Elections and Referendums

Transferred to the Constabulary

5 September 2018 FOI/26 Plans to use software

Transferred to the Constabulary

21 September 2018 FOI/27 Software used in relation to complaints Further clarity requested and no response received
30 July 2018 FOI/28 Information on Computer Support Consultancy Services

Transferred to the Constabulary

6 October 2018 FOI/29 Information relating to CoPACC Response
5 October 2018 FOI/30 Unnacceptable Behaviour Policy and Procedure Response
11 November 2018 FOI/31 Information relating to IT within the OPCC Response
12 November 2018 FOI/32 Advertising for vacant roles Response
20 November 2018 FOI/33 Total Budget Allocation  Response
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