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Freedom of Information Disclosure Log 2016

This page will be populated with a register of Freedom of Information requests and responses.

FOI Disclosure Log 2016
Date of RequestFOI ReferenceNature of RequestResponse
2 January 2016  01/ 2016

Information relating to the black community

Transferred to the Constabulary
11 January 2016  02/2016

Funding in relation to human trafficking and or modern slavery

13 January 2016  03/2016

Appointments of the PCC

16 January 2016  04/2016

Complaints against the Chief Constable


 27 January 2016


Information relating to funding, spending and grants

 Response awaited.

28 January 2016


Information relating to software

2 February 2016  07/2016

Information relating to the Tunnel Road

Transferred to the Constabulary
 26 January 2016  08/2016

Information relating to trace explosives

Transferred to the Constabulary
4 February 2016  09/2016

Grants awarded in relation to victims of stalking

9 February 2016  10/2016

Assaults and violent incidents reported to have taken place at Fever Nightclub.

 Transferred to the Constabulary


11 February 2016   11/2016

People taken to hospital, time spent in A & E, number of those with Mental Health problems in custody and hours of police time spent on floods.

 Transferred to the Constabulary
 17 February  12/2016

Details of all FOI responses sent in the last 12 months.


18 February 2016  13/2016

 Information on the top 5 chambers

Transferred to the Constabulary
22 February 2016  14 /2016

Information on operational frontline policing, police station closures and minister visits


1 March 2016  15/2016

Further information relating to FOI 12/15 in relation to a grant award.

Response A

Response B

27 February 2016  16/2016

Research into response upon hearing 'Armed Police!'


23 March 2016  17/2016

Money spent on organisations or consultancies for media/communications/public relations services/or external organisations.

Verbal response provided - official FOI retracted.

26 April 2016  18/2016

Closure of Shirebrook Police Station

Transferred to the Constabulary.

 3 May 2016  19/2016

 Information relating to the financial position of the Derbyshire Constabulary


 4 May 2016  20/2016

Information on dismissals, redundancies or voluntary exits from the Commissioner's Office.


22 June 2016  21/2016

Information on ERP systems

Transferred to the Constabulary

 8 July 2016  22/2016

Information on ERP System

Transferred to the Constabulary

19 July 2016  23/2016

Information on Vehicle Fleet

Transferred to the Constabulary

28 July 2016  24/2016

Information on organisational (Force) charts, department structures and budgets

Transferred to the Constabulary

29 July 2016  25/2016

Information about non-recargeable and rechargeable batteries used in police station equipment

Transferred to the Constabulary

9 August 2016 26/2016

Information regarding the Chief Constables contract with the PCC


10 August 2016 27/2016

 Transparency requirements


12 August 2016 28/2016

 Amount spent on and disorder reduction grants


12 August 2016 29/2016

Information regarding a NICE fund grant


31 August 2016 30/2016

 Information on how to obtain a licence for the cultivation of cannabis

Transferred to the Constabulary

8 September 2016 31/2016

 Information on copier paper suppliers


13 September 2016 32/2016

 Information regarding Police Information Notices

Transferred to the

6 October 2016 33/2016

 Infromation regarding software providers


17 October 2016 34/2016

 Information regarding I.T. within the force

Transferred to the

31 October 2016 35/2016

 Infromation regarding Community Remedy


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