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Freedom of Information Disclosure Log 2014

This page will be populated with a register of Freedom of Information requests and responses.

FOI Disclosure Log 2014
Date of RequestFOI ReferenceNature of RequestResponse
22 January 2014 FOi 165

 Number of females charged with drug related offences.

Number of females charged with firearm offences

Total number of Police Officers working on tackling gangs.

Procedure for gang member self referral to leave a gang

Information on stop searches.

Transferred to the Constabulary
23 January 2014 FOI 166

 Information on the Chief Constable's Annual Report.

Current levels of sickness both in respect of police officers and civilian employees.

11 February FOI 167

 Information on Police Support Volunteers

Transferred to the Constabulary
16 February 2014 FOI 168

 Information on women's experiences of strangulation, lethality and risk (and agencies responses to it).

Transferred to the Constabulary
24 February 2014 FOI 169

 Information on homicides within the County

Transferred to the Constabulary
23 February 2014 FOI170

 Information on the number of threats to staff employed by AtoS which have been reported to the Police.

Transferred to the Constabulary
24 February 2014 FOI 171

 Information on the budget for entertainment of the crime commissioners

28 February 2014 FOI 172

 Access to financial statements for the financial years between 1999/2000 and 2012/13

6 March 2014 FOI 173

 Information as to whether the Constabulary outsource crime scene cleans

Transferred to the Constabulary
11 March 2014 FOI 174

 Information on the amount of cash seized under POCA in the last financial year

18 March 2014 FOI 175

 Has Derbyshire Constabulary entered into an agreement similar to that between Virgin and the Metropolitan Police whereby compensation recovered following private prosecutions in which the Force provided evidence or were otherwsie involved was to be shared.

Transferred to the Constabulary
7 April 2014 FOI 176

 Total cost of the PCC's Office and the Police Authority (replaced by the PCC). 

The total remuneration bill for the PCC's Office and the Police Authority. 

A full list of job titles at the Police and Crime Commissioner's Office

9 April 2014 FOI 177

 Information on the Police and Crime Panel

How much did the Force spend on drug intervention projects in 2012/13 and 2013/14

How much funding has been allocated for drug intervention projects in 2014/15

24 April 2014 FOI 178

 How much money has been spent annually to provide transport for both the Commissioner and any deputies they have in post.

How much has been claimed or awarded to provide support for housing or hotel costs of the Commissioner and any deputies?

8 May 2014 FOI 179

 Information on an alleged mishandling and proceeding cover up of  a case from February 2010.

12 May 2014 FOI 180

 Cases referred to Force from Action Fraud for possible investigation since April 2013

Transferred to the Constabulary
15 May  2014 FOI181

 A full set of financial information relating to the first year in office as Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire.

A list of appointments made by the Commissioner, the duties assigned to each post and the annual salary these appointees receive.

5 June 2014 FOI 182

 Information on the number of complaints against the force received in 2013 including the number of complaints upheld.

Transferred to the Constabulary
8 June 2014  FOI 183

 Information relating to the procurement of telephone conference call services and online web meeting tools.

19 June 2014 FOI 184

 Information relating to cyber attacks.

29 July 2014 FOI 185

 Information as to whether there is a dedicated drugs officers and information on drugs operations.

 Transferred to the Constabulary
5 August 2014 FOI 186

PCC Spend on PR, Marketing and promotional materials in the financial year 2012/13

28 August 2014 FOI 187

 Criminal Information held on a tenant (name and addressed supplied)

Transferred to the Constabulary
27 August 2014 FOI188

The number of staff employed within the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

28 August 2014 FOI 189

 The number of crimes recorded by the Force

The number of cannabis warnings given out by Force

The number of drug seizures for (a) Class A drugs (b) Class B (c) Class C drugs

 Transferred to the Constabulary
4 September 2014 FOI 190

 The amount paid to the Confederation of British Industry and its subsidiaries

11 September 2014 FOI 191

 Details of crime reduction targets agreed with the Force .

Confirm or deny the downgrading of charges to avoid offences being registered within the national crime statistics

12 September 2014 FOI 192

 The number of employees who received remuneration of more than £100,000 in 2013-14

22 September 2014 FOI 193

 Information on all events open to the public hosted by the PCC or staff in years 2013 to present.

14 October 2014 FOI 194

 Salary of the Commissioner and Chief Executive

Number of staff employed

Overall annual budget

20 October 2014 FOI 195

 Diversity in the workplace

20 October 2014 FOI 196

As Freemasons are commanded not to testify truthfully when another Mason is on trial it may compromise Policing when Constables become Masons themselves.  How many Constables are there in Derybshire Police and what positions do they hold?

Transferred to the Constabulary
5 November 2014 FOI 197

 For each of the last most recent four years for which figures are available, how many incidents have been recorded where the term 'legal high' has been logged?

Transferred to the Constabulary
18 November 2014 FOI 198

How many people did your police force arrest for drug offences related to prisons in the following years:  2013/14, 2012/13, 2011/12, 2003/4  If possible, please provide a breakdown of whether the person arrested was an inmate, prison staff or contractor, or other.

Transferred to the Constabulary
19 November 2014 FOI 199

No of crimes committed in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Number of arrests from 2003 - 2013

Number of police officers assaulted or attacked 2003-2013

Transferred to the Constabulary


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