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Freedom of Information Disclosure Log 2013

This page will be populated with a register of Freedom of Information requests and responses.

FOI Disclosure Log 2013
Date of RequestFOI ReferenceNature of RequestResponse
8 January 2013  FOI 134 Details made since the appointment of the Police and Crime Commissioner and intended expenditure during the first year in office. Response
3 January 2013  FOI 135 The number of enquiries by post, telephone, email or in person received by the former Police Authority for your force area from members of the public of your police area between 1 December 2011 and 31 January 2012 Response
12 February 2013 FOI 136 The Independent Commission into the future of Policing in England and Wales would very much appreciate your assistance with a freedom of information request for details as to how many members of the private sector are employed within your force and what the monitary value of this is. In addition we should also like to know what the current precept for your force area is. Response
8 March 2013 FOI 137 The total number of registered firearms there are in the British Isles Transferred to Derbyshire Constabulary
25 March 2013 FOI 138 The new appointments to paid roles made by the force’s Police and Crime Commissioner – listing name, job title, remuneration and contracted hours for the role. Response
9 April 2013 FOI 139 A list of all staff appointments made by the Police and Crime Commissioner, together with specific information relating to each post. Response
24 April 2013 FOI 140 Information relating to the number of public sex or cruising sites within Derbyshire and how many arrests, spot fines and convictions have been made on this sites in the past 10 years. Transferred to Derbyshire Constabulary
29 April 2013 FOI141 Details of all gifts and hospitalities accepted and declined by the Police and Crime Commissioner since 15 November 2012 to date. Response
18 April 2013 FOI 142 Information on the number of successful fraud prosecutions against the DWP there have been in the last 10 years against successful fraud prosecutions against benefit claimers. The same request had been sent to the Constabulary and they were responding separately as the information was not held within the OPCC.
22 May 2013 FOI 143 Information relating to biometric data within Derbyshire Schools. Transferred to Derbyshire Constabulary
3 June 2013 FOI 144 Details on all payments incl payments in kind, gifts, bonuses, retention payments, recruitment payments, allowances etc to chief police officers. Transferred to Derbyshire Constabulary
4 June 2013 FOI 145 Is the PCC provided with a vehicle as part of the role of PCC. Response
11 June 2013 FOI 146

Provide a detailed breakdown of the expenses of the office of Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner from when they took office to the present day.

18 June 2013 FOI 147

Details of Credit Card Spend and all expenses claimed by the PC

26 June 2013 FOI 148 Information on Sex Offenders Transferred to Derbyshire Constabulary
30 June 2013 FOI 149 Information on Construction Contracts The same request had been sent to the Constabulary and they were responding separately as the information was not held within the OPCC.
2 July 2013 FOI 150 A Budget allocated to the prevention of gangs and youth violence. (received as one email – but request split into two 150 (a) and (b) ) Response
2 July 2013 FOI 150B Claims made under the Riot Damages Act 1886 (received as one email – but request split into two 150 (a) and (b) ) Response
3 July 2013 FOI 151 Information relating to payments and expenses Response
15 July 2013 FOI 152 Costs of workers or outside agencies and costs of running the office, also details relating to PCC / DPCC expenses. Response
23 July 2013 FOI 153 Information relating to former Police Authority employees Response
29 July 2013 FOI 154 Information relating to Collision Investigation and Homicide Budget Transferred to Derbyshire Constabulary
29 July 2013 FOI 155

Information on the total amount of money paid to trade unions by your organisation, the amount of staff time spent on trade union duties and/or activities and the payment of subscriptions.

 21 August 2013 FOI 156

 How much has been paid in general contributions to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) in each of the past three financial years, 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13? If possible please also state how much you expect to pay in the current financial year.


 5 September 2013 FOI 157

 Information as to the number of police officers and police vehicles that have been attacked by members of the public.

 Transferred to the Constabulary
 9 September 2013 FOI 158

 Force spending on Artwork

 Request also sent to the Constabulary. 


 3 October 2013 FOI 159

 How the OPCC meets transparency requirements specified in legislation.

 2 November 2013 FOI 160

 The number of items stolen from the PCC

 11 November 2013 FOI 161

 Information relating to the existence of a Memorandum of Understanding between the PCC and the Prison Service.

 20 November 2013 FOI 162

 Information about the PCC's expenses November 2012 - October 2013

 25 November 2013  FOI 163

Information requested on previous convictions of the PCC and staff within the OPCC.

 3 December 2013  FOI 164

 Information relating to bonus payments



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