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How your money is spent

Here you will be able to find details of how the Commissioner spends and allocates funding. 

This page displays the most current three years only. 

For previous years please visit the ARCHIVE



Asset Management Strategy

The Asset Management Strategy 2020-2035 provides a long term plan for future development and co-location opportunities of the police estates across Derbyshire.


OPCC Property and Land Assets

Copy of Property List 5-10-20

N.B There are also an additional 13 locations which due to operational sensitivity cannot be disclosed and therefore are not on the list above.



Reserves play an important part in any sound financial strategy.  They assist the Commissioner and Chief Constable to manage the budget in the short/medium term but also to invest in new initiatives that reinforce Derbyshire’s commitment to responding to the ever-changing profile of policing ‘demand'. A full definition of the different types of reserves held is available.

Our Reserves Strategy is refreshed each year, just before we set our budget.  The current strategy was approved in November 2017 by the Commissioner (at the November 2017 Strategic Governance Board) as part of the update to our financial projections. Please note, Appendix B of the strategic governance board report refers specifically to the Budget and Reserves Strategy.

In January/February of each year, the Commissioner sets both the Budget and the Precept (contribution from council tax).  As part of the papers that assist him in reaching that decision, we include a forecast of our reserves over the period covered by our Medium Term Financial Plan.  In January 2018, we provided a list of all of our reserves and showed our forecasted usage until 2021/22.  The Commissioner approved the movements to/from reserves for the forthcoming year (2018/19 in this case) but also noted the forecast for the years beyond that point.


Budget Reports

The budget reports are found further down this page and the specific report showing the reserves and how we estimate they will be utilised is found in Annex D to that report (near the end).

That same report has been restated to present our reserves in the Home Office required report format for all Commissioners to use.

Finally, it should be noted that Derbyshire collaborates with other Forces in the East Midlands on a variety of operational policing and non-operational support services.  Where reserves are held by each Collaboration, Derbyshire is entitled to its ‘share’ of those funds despite overall control requiring joint agreement by multiple PCCs and Chief Constables.  To reflect that broader ‘entitlement’ (without necessarily having direct control) we have included a third summary including those shared amounts of reserves. 



Expenses which can be claimed by members of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner can be found on the page named Expenses, Declarations and Interests. This is within the Your PCC section.


Statement of Accounts



Notice of Public Inspection of Accounts


Delayed Publication of Audited 2020/21 Statement of Accounts

The external audit of the draft statement of accounts for the year ended 31 March 2021 has not yet been completed by our external auditors, EY LLP, due to rescheduling of the audit. This situation is allowed for by Regulation 10, paragraph (2a) of the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015. (See attached link: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2015/234/regulation/10/made). Therefore, this notification explains, as per paragraph (2a), that we are not yet able to publish our audited 2020/21 final statement of accounts in line with deadline of 30th September 2021, as per paragraph (1). The Joint Audit, Risk and Assurance Committee will consider the results of the 2020/21 audit at its meeting on 31 March 2022, after which we will publish the final audited accounts.

Chief Constable Statement of Accounts 2020/21 (Draft)

PCC and PCC Group Statement of Accounts 2020/21 (Draft)




Notice of Public Inspection of Accounts

Chief Constable Statement of Accounts 2019/20

PCC and PCC Group Statement of Accounts 2019/20



Notice of Audit of Accounts 2018/2019

Conclusion of Audit of Accounts 2018/19

Extenal Auditor - Audit Results

PCC and Group Statement of Accounts 2018/19

Chief Constable Statement of Accounts 2018/19



Notice of Audit of Accounts 2017/2018

Conclusion of Audit of Accounts 2017/2018

External Auditor - Audit Results 

PCC and Group Statement of Accounts 2017/18

Chief Constable Statement of Accounts 2017/18


Budget and Precept Information 



Capital Programme

Budget and Precept Proposals (Specific PCC Budget

Police and Crime Panel approval of precept 2021

PCC Response to Police and Crime Panel 



Capital Programme

Budget & Precept Proposals (Specific PCC Budget)

Police and Crime Panel approval of precept 2020

PCC Response to Police and Crime Panel



Capital Programme

 Budget & Precept Proposals (Specific PCC Budget)

Police and Crime Panel approval of precept 2019

PCC Response to Police and Crime Panel



Capital Programme

Budget & Precept Proposals (Specific PCC Budget)

Police and Crime Panel approval of precept 2018

PCC Response to Police and Crime Panel

Further information concerning the budget and our council tax leaflet


Financial Handbook

Financial Handbook 2021


Investment Strategy

Annual Investment Strategy 2016

Annual Investment Strategy 2017

Annual Investment Strategy 2018

Annual Investment Strategy 2019

Annual Investment Strategy 2020



The Property Register containing information as to the identity of any premises or land owned by or occupied for the purpses of the PCC 


Expenditure exceeding £500

Up to May 2021


Contracts and Tenders

Collaborations entered into by the Derbyshire Constabulary



Publication Scheme

The Commissioner's publication scheme listing information that is already published is publicly available.

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